Sigma Testing Labs provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of a range of products and raw materials, including oilseeds, oils, cattlefeed, soaps, detergents, milk & milk products, food grains, water, a range of industrial organic & inorganic chemicals, and biodiesel. We follow the prescribed BIS standards for all our analyses. Using our three decades of technical know-how across food, soaps and petrochemicals industry, we also provide technical consultancy for planned and existing production units in these fields.

Sigma Testing Labs was established in 1989 in New Delhi. The initial setup was small, consisting of only the basic apparatus required for analyzing oil content in oilseeds, and for conducting some titrimetric analysis. The lab soon became renowned for fast and accurate results, and the scope of analyses conducted at the lab expanded to include a whole range of oilseeds, oils, chemicals, soaps and detergents. During the course of this expansion, we also started delivering technical advice to production units within these industries for improving efficiency, quality control, and troubleshooting. In addition we helped set up a number of new production units from blueprint to finished product stage. Today, Sigma Testing Labs is a renowned name in quantitative and qualitative analysis of a wide range of products, and a preferred technical advisor to the oils and soaps industry.

Sigma Testing Labs
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Mr. S.M. Gupta is the founder of Sigma Testing Labs. After receiving his M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry, he worked in oil processing units in various capacities in both production and quality control verticals throughout India. He set up the operations of Sigma Testing Labs in New Delhi in 1989 where he uses his extensive industry experience to provide testing and technical consulting services to the food, soaps and petrochemicals industry.

Mr. Mridul Gupta, B. Tech (Textile Engineering) from IIT Delhi, and Mr. Vipul Gupta, B.E (Civil Engineering) from DCE, are also part of the team at Sigma Testing Labs.